Virtual Learning Zone

Virtual Learning Zone

GSF quality improvement training programmes are now available as distance learning programmes via our new Virtual Learning Zone as well as the traditional method of DVD training packs.  Training leading to GSF Accreditation and Certification is available online, making it easier for staff to access their learning and ensuring that GSF knowledge is shared throughout the whole organisation.  Currently we have 5 Training Programmes available through the VLZ; GSF Primary Care, Care Homes, Dementia Care, Domiciliary Care and Clinical Skills. The GSF Clinical Skills programme was launched earlier this year.

This form of e-learning can be used in two ways.  We recommend that it is used for a group watching the programme as ‘e-supported group learning’, enabling teams to watch modules together at times that are convenient to them, focussing on their own practice and experiences, whilst undertaking exercises in an interactive and dynamic way.  Alternatively others can use the VLZ as a way of individual e-learning or catching up on sessions they may have missed e.g., for some people using the dementia care programme as individuals for their own certification.

The benefits of distance learning are considerable and well proven. It can be easier to include several team members and to fully embed GSF in your work place. All distance learning programmes are accompanied by a Good Practice Guide, evaluations and other resources.

To register your interest and receive details regarding the various GSF Virtual Learning Zone training programmes mentioned above, please send an email to the following address stating which particular programme(s) you are interested in:



Updated: 26/11/2015