Spiritual Care Training Programme

The purpose of this new course is to enable you to pay attention to the deeper spiritual needs of those you care for and thus to be able to exercise that care with more compassion.  It aims to help you build resilience in those approaching the end of their lives, but also to look after yourself more effectively - to exercise self-care.

Who should attend? If you work in care homes, hospitals or primary care, & are responsible for those approaching the end of their lives, this course is for you.  It would also be appropriate for hospital chaplains and members of chaplaincy teams, and others who visit care home residents or hospital patients regularly on a voluntary basis.

Why would you want to do it?  The Course defines spirituality as that which gives meaning and purpose to life and helps build resilience in the face of life’s uncertainties.  It explores the difference between religion and spirituality.  It aims to give confidence in our spiritual care so that those we care for can both live well and die well.  It will help you care compassionately and pay attention to your own self-care.

Head, Hands and Heart: This course complements the ‘head, hands and heart’ approach of GSF in improving end of life care. It has been developed in partnership between The GSF Centre and Staffordshire University, will lead to a certificate and will contribute to other GSF training programmes

What does the course cover?   It will help you understand the difference between spirituality and religion.  It explores spiritual assessment, introduces some spiritual tools and discusses Advance Care Planning.  It discusses the role of religion, relationships and ritual, and the sources of hope and resilience.  Paying attention to the inner life will help produce compassionate care and resilience

How much time will it take?  The course comprises four modules taking approximately 3 hours which we can send or email to you.   There will be online and telephone support from Mark Thomas and the GSF team, and he will also run introductory and final workshops on request.   We want the course to be available in whatever way is most helpful to you, and the cost depends on which option is chosen—please contact us for more information.

Who are the authors of the course?  It has been produced in collaboration by The Revd Mark Thomas of GSF and Prof Peter Kevern of Staffordshire University.  Other contributors are Prof Max Watson, Prof Wilf McSherry, Dr Chris Absolon and Debbie Kerslake of CRUSE.  It is produced under The GSF banner as one their courses in end of life care.


Updated: 13/6/2016

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