GSF & Skills for Care Qualifications

GSF has mapped its Quality Improvement Training Programmes to Skills for Care qualifications.  The qualifications detail the core learning elements for each unit.  These units can be built up to help individuals gain QCF (Qualification Credit Framework) credits and CPD (continuing professional development) points.  These credits can be used to gain vocational qualifications at Award, Certificate or Diploma level and sometimes used towards higher level qualifications.

Organisations registering for relevant training programmes may be able to access part funding from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF).  Skills for care distribute the Workforce development fund.  This fund is available to support employers to fund relevant training to help them develop the skills of their workforce therefore benefiting the people you care for.

Information about accessing the WDF is available on the Skills for Care website

The evidence that participants in our programmes develop can be used to build these qualifications.

Care Homes

EOL 501 – Certificate in Leading and managing services to support end of life and significant life events.

The GSF Leads/Coordinators in the home can use the work they do in developing and cascading GSF processes into the organisation to gain this qualification.

We have mapped all of the elements of the GSFCH programme to this qualification, so that coordinators can use the evidence of the work they have done in implementing the organisational changes and working towards accreditation to gain an award for this unit from one of the Awarding Bodies.

Other staff within the home can also evidence their learning and work through implementation of GSF within the home for qualifications at levels 2 and 3.

Click on this link to see the GSF Mapping Document  
Click on this link to see the GSF Summary Mapping Document

Updated: 21/07/2022