My name is Teresa Wright and I live at Sherdley Court.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer of the womb and had a hysterectomy. I have schizophrenia which has made life very hard but I’m managing well. Sherdley Court arranged for me to stay in Clatterbridge Hospital during the treatment but I was too afraid to have it done and came back to Sherdley Court.

I don’t know how long I have to live, I know my cancer is incurable but I am making the most of every day and am staying positive.

Sherdley Court is doing the Gold Standards Framework and this has helped staff understand how to help me plan my End of Life Care and make sure that I am as comfortable, pain free and surrounded by my friends and people who know me best.

I am making a memory box for my daughter and writing a life story book with the help of staff from Sherdley Court, I have photographs, little gifts and letters in my memory box. I plan to put in cards for my daughter’s future birthdays in case I’m not here.

I have an Advance Care Plan in which I have recorded my wishes to be cared for at Sherdley Court when I become very ill and also my wishes for my funeral. I’ve already got my funeral planned and paid for, and staff at Sherdley Court have helped me by buying the music CD’s with the songs I want for my funeral off the internet.

I love living at Sherdley Court, I have all my friends here with the residents and the staff. I know that I’m in the best place to be well cared for by people who love me and know me well.


Mrs Teresa Wright


updated 10/11/15