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GSF Training Programmes

 Aim – Quality improvement training programmes and  frameworks  to enable frontline generalist care providers to deliver a ‘gold standard’ of care for all people nearing the end of life.

The National Gold Standards Framework Centre offers well validated quality improvement training programmes in End of Life Care for use in many settings. The training programmes enable generalist frontline staff in health and social care to provide a ‘gold standard’ of care for all people nearing the end of life.  The key is enablement – GSF focuses on supporting the learning of new knowledge, skills and changing attitudes within teams through a practical interactive process leading to creative transformation. "This is less about what you know but more about what you do".

They are comprehensive, practical and made specifically relevant to each setting, to ensure they successfully support all generalist frontline staff in this area. They have been shown to improve the levels of confidence of staff, their knowledge skills and attitude, and to make significant differences to care for people nearing the end of life.

The programmes include evaluation and self-assessment to enable effective change and means to sustain good practice long term. They are well audit validated in each sector, for example GSF Centre has been awarded Excellence by the National Skills Academy. Several programmes now lead to Accreditation and the presentation of the GSF Quality hallmark Award.


We provide tools, skills and resources for the usual generalist care provider to enable them to give better care for people nearing the end of life, and better work with specialists. This includes care:

  • All people considered to be in the final years of life 
  • For people with any condition or diagnosis
  • For people in any setting, ‘in whichever bed they are in'
  • Provided by any person, health or social care professional
  • At the time of need


There are 4 Levels of learning/ areas of quality care      

  1. Individual - staff knowledge , care aligned to pt preference – care for pt and carer
  2. Organisational - effective consistent teamwork and collaboration within particular teams eg care home, practice, ward – GSF  (Microsystems)
  3. Community - effective collaboration beyond teams cross boundary e.g. decreased admissions
  4. National - helps to meet national quality markers, standards and targets
  5. There are 3 Stages  of  GSF Training Programme

 Stage 1 Preparation

  • Introduction -  briefing paper
  • Preparation pack
  • Baseline measures evaluation

Stage 2 Training and implementation

  • Training workshops/ sessions/ modules
  • Resources- Good Practice Guide, DVD, Workbook etc
  • On going support  and embedding

Stage 3 Consolidation and moving towards accreditation

  • Follow up measures  evaluation
  • Accreditation process
  • Quality Hallmark Award

The GSF Training Programme: What do the sessions cover?

There are 3 learning outcomes for each session, linked to the Quality Markers, with practical illustrations and exercises to help self reflection and action planning.

Usually introductory session, 4 sessions + follow up moving towards accreditation

Levels of Attainment

Organisations such as GP practices, care homes and hospitals can attain one of three levels of implementation or attainment in a local area:

  1. General awarenessof GSF principles but not full systematic  implementation – most organisations involved in end of life care are aware of GSF and use some principles and tools
  2. Foundation level, as defined within each setting  eg the QOF standard in primary care teams or the defined Foundation Level in acute hospitals
  3. Enhanced level, leading to Accreditation in each setting  eg the GSF accredited care homes and  practice teams that have received the GSF Quality Hallmark Award

 Settings - Includes all places where people live and die -

  • Health care  within the NHS
    Primary Care
    Acute Hospitals
    Community Hospitals
  • Social Care
                GSF Care Homes - Nursing and Residential
    GSF Domiciliary Care - Home
    Home Healthcare - In development 
  • Other areas
    Dementia Care
                 GSF Hospice Care - In development
                 Cross Boundary Care Foundation Sites
                 GSF Prisons - Pilot
                 Spiritual Care, Bereavement Care - In development
                 Foundation Clinical skills - in development
                 International use of GSF

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updated 17/11/15