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Commissioning End of Life Care using the Gold Standards Framework (GSF)

As the leading provider of quality improvement, accredited, evidenced based end of life care training for frontline health & social care staff in the UK, GSF Programmes can be used to enhance the commissioning of services in terms of Quality Improvement, Assurance, and Recognition for Quality Outcomes.

  • Quality Improvement
    Improved quality of care for people nearing the end of life, their carers and families
    Significant reductions in costs by reducing unnecessary hospital admissions
    Quality outcomes for commissioned contracts
    Improved cost effective provision of services & communications across health & social care
    After Death Audits (ADA)

  • Quality Assurance
    GSF programmes are recognised by the CQC and provide a quality assured approach to end of life care across health & social care
    GSF programmes meet targets i.e. CQUINS QIPP, NICE standards, DH Quality Markers, CQC, & Skills for Care etc.
    Meets National policy i.e. End of life Care – Francis Report recommendations

  • Quality Recognition
    Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognised as a marker of excellence – risk profile for inspection
    National Skills Academy - Excellent Provider
    Skills for Care
    GSF programmes raise the standard of independent providers, empowering staff, patients and their families

‚ÄčGSF helps put national policy into practice

GSF both influences national policy developments, and helps put policy into practice on the ground supporting grass-roots change in line with NHS Long Term Plan, NICE Guidance, Enhanced Health in Care Homes, DH EOLC Strategy, Ambitions Care Quality Commission (CQC), and Skills for Care etc. 

How GSF helps you to implement the NHSE Long Term Plan 

The National GSF Centre provides locally delivered quality assured End of Life training programmes for:

Spiritual Care            Clinical Skills        Cross Boundary   Community Hospitals   Acute Hoispitals       Care Home

  Primary care                  Hospice            Domicilary Care            Dementia                IT Solutions                  VLZ

          Outcome Examples         

GSF in Primary Care: Inclusion on GSF/Palliative care register on average 54% for 10 practices

GSF Care Homes: Cumulative data identified that GSF accredited homes achieve an average of over 80% home death rate, showing a significant reduction in hospital deaths of care home residents.  In South East London place of death in a care home increased from 56% to 79%.

GSF Acute Hospitals:  40 plus hospitals to date, 35% identified early (range 20-58%), 92% offered ACP discussion (range 85-100%), length of stay reduced, carers support improved, more discharged home, 80% 5Ps care final days plan.

GSF Brochure

GSF Commissioners Flyer

HSJ Article - Prof. Keri Thomas 'Search for Dignity' September 2012

HSJ Commissioning Article September 2012

Poster summary of our Cross Boundary Care programme

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