GSF 'Silver' Primary Care Training course - Best care for your most vulnerable patients

The Silver programme has three key aims - to improve:

• Identification
• Assessment
• Planning of care

Silver GSF supports implementation of the new QOF 2019/2020 standards, leading on completion to the GSF Certificate and attainment of the 37 QOF points.

See Silver QOF Support Offer

How is it delivered?:

• Individual practice - distance learning programme

• Group - Two half-day workshops, pre and post with a 6 months development time between each workshop

There are three outcomes:

• Increase numbers on the register, specifically those who do not have a cancer diagnosis moving towards the 1% encouraging GPs to deliver care based on need with needs-based coding and to enhance the supportive care register utilising the blue code to encompass the more vulnerable patients 2%

• Offering Advance care planning discussions to deliver care in line with patient wishes and preferences

• Reduce unnecessary hospital admissions with improved communication and collaboration with OOHs and care homes


• Key Outcome ratios is used to monitor change during and after the programme enabling practices to demonstrate change at a local level

We would really appreciate the opportunity to explore further how we can support you in improving the quality of primary care services with the implementation of the SILVER programme.

For more information see our New GSF Silver Course for End of Life Care Flyer

To register your interest please email: or Tel: 0207 7893 740 / 01743 291891 for further information about the course.



Updated: 9/12/2019