1st December 2021

GSF and Hospice UK Joint Communication

Hospice UK and The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre share the vision of enabling top quality care for more people in the last years of life. Since July 2020, Hospice UK has been working in association with GSF as a subsidiary of Hospice UK. Following fifteen months of fruitful work, GSF will now move back to being a standalone, independent organisation once again.

The work of GSF will continue as it has for the last 21 years, enabling the generalist frontline health and social care workforce to deliver quality end of life care through training and recognised accreditation. Hospice UK will remain fully supportive of GSF’s work to enable more frontline teams provide better care in any setting and help people live as fully and as well as they can to the end of their lives.

With the heightened profile of end of life care across health and social care during the pandemic, the mainstreaming of GSF principles within national policy to affirm proactive, personalised, coordinated end of life care for all and the development of population-based Integrated Care Systems in England, the work of GSF is even more relevant and important than ever.

The GSF Centre’s work continues as before in the UK, with Julie Armstrong Wilson as Lead Nurse and Chief Operating Officer. Professor Keri Thomas, OBE and GSF founder continues as Chair of the new GSF CIC UK Board and Director of the GSF International work, including work in Africa through The Andrew Rodger Charitable Trust.

The GSF Centre will continue with its commitment to empower health and social care across the country to help provide better quality end of life care for more people.

See GSF UK - https://www.goldstandardsframework.org.uk / info@gsfcentre.co.uk

See GSF International - https://www.gsfinternational.org.uk / info@gsfinternational.org.uk