GSF End of Life Care for People with Dementia Course Information

We have recently concluded our evaluation of the initial pilot of the GSF End of Life Care for People with Dementia Programme and are, at present, collating the evaluation information.  Indications are that the Programme has made significant positive changes in the care given to people with Dementia, particularly at the end of life.  We are currently re-visiting the Programme and making some small changes in the content.

The programme will include full training materials on our Virtual Learning Zone, a comprehensive good practice guide and online support from the GSF centre by way of blogs and forums.

All staff successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of training.

The course is mapped to the Skills for Care EOL 308 course.

Please complete our Expression of Interest form if you have any questions, would like to discuss the training or would like to be put on the contact list for joining the course once Phase 2 is open.


Updated:  21/8/2014