1st December 2021

Comment from new Chair of The GSF Centre CIC, Prof Keri Thomas OBE

“The work of GSF is even more important now than ever, and we are committed to continuing to empower health and social care across the country to help provide better quality end of life care for more people in future.”

Prof Keri Thomas OBE, the founder of GSF and former CEO, becomes the new Chair of the GSF Centre CIC Board from 1st December 2021. The GSF Centre’s work continues in the UK with Julie Armstrong Wilson as Lead Nurse and Chief Operating Officer. Keri also continues as Director of the GSF International work, including work in Africa through The Andrew Rodger Charitable Trust.

Keri said: “I am delighted to be returning now as Chair of the GSF Board, following a recent sabbatical, as the work of GSF enters its third decade. Along with our wonderful new Board members and our enthusiastic GSF Centre Team, we are committed to taking GSF forward in the future, to help even more people to be able to live well and die well.

We are at a crucial time now, with the heightened awareness of end of life care during the pandemic, and as the NHS re-organises to focus more on effective collaboration between GPs, hospitals, care homes, domiciliary care providers and others, with new Integrated Care Systems caring for the whole population in their area. 

In addition, with the mainstreaming of GSF principles into national policy, affirming the importance of proactive, personalised, coordinated end of life care for all, this reflects the relevance of the GSF Training Programme’s goals and outcomes that we have been teaching to thousands of teams in all settings for over 21 years.

For example, the recent NICE End of Life Quality Standards Care released September 2021 summarises 5 key Quality Standards (see https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/qs13). It affirms the importance of: 

  • Early identification of people in the last year of life (Standard 1)
  • Offering advance care planning discussions to all (Standard 2)
  • Coordinating care in hours (Standard 3) and out of hours (Standard 4)
  • Supporting carers and families (Standard 5) 

These are all in line with the GSF principles of identify, assess and plan coordinated care for people and their families,  leading to the right care for the right person, in the right place, at the right time, every time. GSF training and accreditation ensures these principles are put into practice on the ground in any setting. So, building on our strong legacy of success, GSF is even more relevant and important now than ever, and we are committed to continuing to improve care for more people with any condition, in any setting in future.”

See GSF UK - https://www.goldstandardsframework.org.uk / info@gsfcentre.co.uk

See GSF International - https://www.gsfinternational.org.uk / info@gsfinternational.org.uk