Care Homes Covid-19 Support Information

GSF Support Call - 6 May 2020

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1. BMJ - Death and Dying during the pandemic

2. Lightning Learning: Clinical Frailty Scale

3. RESTORE2 - Adult Physiological Observation & Escalation Chart

4. Stress, Coping & Resilience

5. NHS - Running a medicines re-use scheme in a care home or hospice setting

6. Special Edition of Care After Death: Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death (RNVoEAD) Guidance

8. Time and Space - Enabling defusing activities

9. Top Tips for GPs Caring for Care Homes 

10. Maintaining Our Humanity Through the Mask: Mindful Communication During COVID-19


GSF Support Call - 20 May 2020

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1. NHS - Clinical guide for supporting compassionate visitng arrangements for those receiving care at the end of life

2.  Guidance for Managers and Decision Makers in Supporting Care Home Workers during COVID-19

3.  Falls FAQs Poster for Care Homes

4.  Covid EOLC Community Charter

5.  Psychological needs of healthcare staff  

6. Tops tips to improve mental well being - NHS site - Get your Mind Plan

7.  ReactTo website -


GSF Support Call - 10 June 2020

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1. BGS: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes

2. Updated - Pathway: Individual discharged from Hospital into Care Home

3. Supporting each other following the death of a colleague

4. Activities for Older Adults During COVID-19 

5. Webinar RCGP/AHSN:

6. Resources: AHSN Network:  RESTORE2 and other soft signs tools:

Videos for carers at and also available on YouTube

7. Care Homes Strategy for Infection Prevention & Control of Covid-19 Based on Clear Delineation of Risk Zones - Link to where you can download the strategy document:

- Link For any questions, comments or suggested changes, please contact:  Eric Fewster,, +44 7814 788 846

8. Sometimes, people with dementia can be upset about being cared for by someone wearing PPE.  Here are a few things you dan do to ease any stress:

  • Have your name and picture clearly visible on clothing.
  • Laminate a smiley face and flowers on PPE. 
  • Use tone of voice and open body language to demonstrate warmth.
  • Draw or use written words to communicate where appropriate. 
  • Explain why you are taking a sample - these may need to be repeated. 
  • Play some of the person's favourite music to aid relaxation.
  • Ensure hearing aids and glasses are worn and working. 

‚Äč9. Digital Social Care - Digital support for care homes - Internet connection deals for care homes

Really helpful website with lots of info: 


GSF Support Call - 1 July 2020

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1. Reflective Debriefing Tool 

2. Covid CSO Supportive Reflective Tool

3. International Journal of Older People Nursing



GSF Support Call - 22 July 2020

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1. Public Health England - How to work safely in care homes

2. British Geriatrics Society - One Stop Shop for Frailty

3. Scottish Government publications;

- Spiritual Care Conversations

- Plan for staged approach to visiting in care homes

4. Frailty Framework - Skills for Health


GSF Support Call - 16 September 2020

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