Care Homes Covid-19 Support Information

During the COVID pandemic we have been running Care Homes Support calls, open to all care homes including those that are not GSF accredited care homes.  

GSF Support Call - 6 May 2020

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1. BMJ - Death and Dying during the pandemic

2. Lightning Learning: Clinical Frailty Scale

3. RESTORE2 - Adult Physiological Observation & Escalation Chart

4. Stress, Coping & Resilience

5. NHS - Running a medicines re-use scheme in a care home or hospice setting

6. Special Edition of Care After Death: Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death (RNVoEAD) Guidance

8. Time and Space - Enabling defusing activities

9. Top Tips for GPs Caring for Care Homes 

10. Maintaining Our Humanity Through the Mask: Mindful Communication During COVID-19


GSF Support Call - 20 May 2020

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1. NHS - Clinical guide for supporting compassionate visitng arrangements for those receiving care at the end of life

2.  Guidance for Managers and Decision Makers in Supporting Care Home Workers during COVID-19

3.  Falls FAQs Poster for Care Homes

4.  Covid EOLC Community Charter

5.  Psychological needs of healthcare staff  

6. Tops tips to improve mental well being - NHS site - Get your Mind Plan

7.  ReactTo website -


GSF Support Call - 10 June 2020

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1. BGS: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes

2. Updated - Pathway: Individual discharged from Hospital into Care Home

3. Supporting each other following the death of a colleague

4. Activities for Older Adults During COVID-19 

5. Webinar RCGP/AHSN:

6. Resources: AHSN Network:  RESTORE2 and other soft signs tools:

Videos for carers at and also available on YouTube

7. Care Homes Strategy for Infection Prevention & Control of Covid-19 Based on Clear Delineation of Risk Zones - Link to where you can download the strategy document:

- Link For any questions, comments or suggested changes, please contact:  Eric Fewster,, +44 7814 788 846

8. Sometimes, people with dementia can be upset about being cared for by someone wearing PPE.  Here are a few things you dan do to ease any stress:

  • Have your name and picture clearly visible on clothing.
  • Laminate a smiley face and flowers on PPE. 
  • Use tone of voice and open body language to demonstrate warmth.
  • Draw or use written words to communicate where appropriate. 
  • Explain why you are taking a sample - these may need to be repeated. 
  • Play some of the person's favourite music to aid relaxation.
  • Ensure hearing aids and glasses are worn and working. 

‚Äč9. Digital Social Care - Digital support for care homes - Internet connection deals for care homes

Really helpful website with lots of info: 


GSF Support Call - 1 July 2020

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1. Reflective Debriefing Tool 

2. Covid CSO Supportive Reflective Tool

3. International Journal of Older People Nursing



GSF Support Call - 22 July 2020

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1. Public Health England - How to work safely in care homes

2. British Geriatrics Society - One Stop Shop for Frailty

3. Scottish Government publications;

- Spiritual Care Conversations

- Plan for staged approach to visiting in care homes

4. Frailty Framework - Skills for Health


GSF Support Call - 16 September 2020

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GSF Support Call - 28 October 2020

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GSF Support Call - 2 December 2020

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GSF Support Call - 19 January 2021

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1. SIGN - Long Covid booklet


GSF Support Call - 2 March 2021

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GSF Support Call - 12 April 2021

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GSF Support Call - 24 May 2021

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NEXT GSF Support Call - Monday 5 July 2021

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