Accredited Community Hospitals

GSF Accreditation for Community Hospitals

As with all GSF Programmes, participating teams are encouraged  to progress to accreditation once the GSF training is complete  as a marker of quality assurance and quality recognition.

       1. Benefit of GSF accreditation

The GSF Quality Hallmark Awards is an independently validated marker of excellence, recognised by the regulator CQC, commissioning bodies, NHS Choices and many others. The database of accredited organisations is available to the general public and is co-badged by an independent partner – RCGP in the case of primary care accreditation, the four main care home organisations (NCA, NCF, ECCA, RNHA) in the case of care homes accreditation.

2. Process

Accreditation follows completion of the full GSF training programme in community hospitals, which normally takes about 12/ 18 months, with a mid point assessment of Foundation level. Once completed the hospitals can then register for the quality assurance process to demonstrate quality care for people nearing the end of life. This is in line with the National End of Life Care Survey (2008), Quality Markers for Community Hospitals (2009) and NICE quality standards in end of life care (2011).

In accordance with other GSF accreditation processes, this includes:

  1. Self- Assessment against 5 clear standards of best practice – right person, right care, right place, right time, every time. The hospital team demonstrate change by providing a portfolio of evidence including a statement of how they have achieved each standard and provide the supporting evidence.
  2. Key outcome ratios – demonstrating change and impact for patients with comparative measures of progress before and after training.
  3. Audit- After Death/ Discharge  Analysis audit. Demonstrate change at the patient level with ADA (before, after training and accreditation) and feedback from patients/carers.
  4. Quality Assessment visit – reviewing the integration of the processes into everyday practice.

Where hospital wards have demonstrated innovative best practice their examples will be included in the membership area of the website.

“We were able to discuss things more openly - there was a much more open and calm atmosphere and
we knew we were listening to them and their families better.”
Community Hospital Nurse 

GSF Accredited Community Hospital Wards & whole Hospitals 

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

  • Bodmin Community Hospital, Harbour Ward (Expires March 2017) & Anchor Ward (Expires Sept 2017)
  • Camborne / Redruth Hospital, Lamorna Ward (Expires Sept 2017) & Lanyon Ward (Expires Sept 2018)
  • Edward Hain Community Hospital (Expires Sept 2017)
  • Falmouth Community Hospital (Expires Sept 2018)
  • Helston Community Hospital, Lismore Ward (Expires Sept 2017)
  • Launceston Community Hospital (Expires 2017)
  • Liskeard Community Hospital, Oak Ward (Expires March 2017) & Willow Ward (Expires Sept 2018)
  • Newquay Community Hospital (Expires March 2017)
  • St Austell Community Hospital, Harold White Ward & Heligan Ward (Expires Sept 2017)
  • St Barnabas Community Hospital (Expires Sept 2017)
  • Stratton Community Hospital (Expires Sept 2017)

Dorset Health Care University Foundation Trust

  • Alderney Hospital, Guernsey & Jersey Wards (Expires Sept 2020)
  • Alderney Mental Health Unit, Herm and St Brelades Wards (Expires Sept 2021)
  • Bridport Hospital, Langdon & Ryeberry Wards (Expires March 2022)
  • Portland Hospital, Castletown Ward (Expires Sept 2019)
  • Wareham Hospital, Saxon Ward (Expires Sept 2019)
  • Westhaven Community Hospital, Radipole Ward (Expires 2024)
  • Westminster Memorial Hospital, Ashmore & Shaston Wards (Sept 2020)
  • Wimborne Hospital, Hanham Ward (Sept 2021)

GSF Re-Accredited Community Hospital Wards & whole Hospitals 

Dorset Health Care University Foundation Trust

  • Blandford Hospital, Tarrant Ward (Expires Sept 2021)
  • Swanage Hospital, Stanley Purser Ward (Expires Sept 2022)
  • Yeatman Hospital, The Willows Unit (Sept 2022)

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  • Danetre Community Hospital, Cawthorne, Maple & Sycamore Wards (Expires Sept 2021)


Congratulations and well done to our latest GSF Accredited Community Hospital Wards & Whole Hospitals!

Map of all GSF Accredited & Re-Accredited Acute and Community Hospitals

3. Next Step

Any hospital wards ready to progress to accreditation will receive full guidance packs and further clarification of timescales.

GSF Accreditation for Round 4 Community Hospitals is now well underway with currently registered Hospital wards receiving their Accreditation guidance. For more details contact the GSF team at


“We can identify 30-40% of our patients early, code them according to their needs
and try to help them earlier.”   

- Teams from Phase 1 GSF going for Accreditation


Updated: 6/8/2016